To those of you I haven’t met yet (well, and to those that I have), I’m Steve Yackey!

A little over a year ago, I made the switch from a full-time worship pastor and freelance guitarist to a DevOps engineer. I grew up experimenting with this old dual 600mhz server running whatever Linux distro seemed exciting that week, studied jazz guitar in college, worked essentially as a database engineer for a while, moved into college ministry role, helped start a church, and now I’m here! (SaaS sales reps always get confused when they read my LinkedIn…)

Despite moving around, I have always used automation, web design, database design, and programming in general as a part of my roles. But, it’s because of others sharing what they’ve learned that I’ve gotten here. My hope is to share what I’m learning, and have some fun experimenting along the way. I wrote my first lines of code 20 years ago, and hope to keep that same wonder from my first “Hello World”.

I hope that as I share what I’m learning, you are able to learn something, and maybe even be inspired to try something new too.

Got ideas? Questions? Want to talk more about something you’ve seen here? Feel free to reach out on twitter. You can find me at @steveyackey .